Cool New Feature!

Add a vapor juice pocket to your holster for only $1 more!

***NEW!! Clips and Flaps!

Now you can add a black or nickle clip to your e-cig holster or a flap or even BOTH! Add a flap or clip for only $4.79 or add both for only $8.00.

electronic cigarette or e cig holster with clip or flap

Looking for that custom holster to perfectly fit your electronic cigarette?

Order your custom made holster, made from the finest quality canvas or leather, guaranteed to fit any model of E-cig available. Using our E-Cig size charts, you can make sure that you order the exact size holster you need. No guessing if it's the right diameter or correct length, OR if it will fit your particular brand. With Custom Made E-Cig Holsters by Jean, size is not an issue. Also, don't worry if it will fit on your belt loop as our holsters can be designed to accommodate up to a 2" belt.

Get the one and only E-Cig holster that is designed to fit your personal electronic cigarette.

e-cig holsters